4 Options for Work Outings This Summer

Work Outings

As an office, it’s always a fun opportunity to have a team-building event, or take time from the hustle and bustle of the office to have a little fun. Summer can be a difficult season to coordinate around sometimes due to vacation schedules of coworkers or weather changes.


Here are 4 easy options for work outings this summer that can accommodate to any office:


Who doesn’t love the sizzle of a hot dog or burger being grilled? Summer is practically called grilling season, due to the great weather and chance to gather outdoors. A work outing as a barbeque can be a great place for colleagues to gather and have a great meal, while enjoying the summer season outside.



If it’s just too hot outside, a comfy seat inside a cool, air-conditioned theater will do just the trick. Your team could catch the blockbuster of the summer altogether, and stay cool inside while doing it.


Ice Cream Socials

Everyone loves ice cream. This older tradition is a perfect summer work outing option, providing a cool treat to feign off the heat of the summer. Gathering in a park or backyard and offering up sweet treats such as ice cream, pop-sickles, or ice cream sandwiches is a great work outing idea for those with a sweet tooth.


Painting Classes

Another indoor option when the summer heat is just too much is an indoor painting class. Often held at night with a happy hour, painting classes are a great way for everyone on your team to open up artistically, and everyone receives their painting afterwards as a keepsake.


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Summer Daze: How to Get Out of the Productivity Slump This Summer

Let’s face it. It’s summertime, and the last thing that we want to be doing is working. We would rather be lounging out at the pool, escaping the heat by seeing a movie, or almost doing anything but working. There’s something about the summer season that seems to just causes the grind of productivity to halt.

See how you can keep up your productivity this summer while also getting in some time for fun!


Make Plans for Play


The summer might be a never-ending season if you don’t have a light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of wishing you were doing something fun to take a break from work, plan it. By having a fun vacation or getaway planned on the horizon, it’s much easier to be productive with the time you have before it happens. Then you can relax guilt-free!


Keep the Kids Occupied


If you have children, you know that when school is out, you’re picking up an additional shift of supervising them while they are at home. Keep them busy with summer camps and activities, and let them have some fun as well. Daycares and many other organizations often have several types of day camps or sessions that you can enroll your children in. Some of them even have sleep-away camps, or camps that last the entire day. If your kids can have fun all day, you can spend more time at work being productive, rather than worrying about them.


Snap Out Of It


Summer is known in all kinds of industries to be a time of year when things move very slowly, and businesses slow down. Blame it on the heat, the yearning to be outside, or the sensation that it’s time for a vacation, but productivity still needs to occur. Now that you’re aware of it, snap out! You can continue to keep your productivity levels high as soon as you’ve acknowledged that it’s summer, and everything is running slowly. Don’t fall victim to the weather!


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Pick Up the Phone: The Importance of a Phone Call vs. Email in 2016

In our busy, busy world, the time it takes to have a conversation over the phone might seem strenuous, even time-consuming. The way that the world has developed into a quick-fix society has the traditional ways of communicating turned upside-down.


Now, instead of a phone call, we rely on email and texting to send messages, believing that they will have the same effect. The truth? They won’t.


Here’s why then it comes to communication, the good, old-fashioned telephone is your best bet when it comes to being clear and providing effective communication.




If you were searching to make a big purchase or investment in, say, your car, would you feel comfortable texting as a consultation? Probably not. Most likely, you would rather speak to someone over the phone, because you will probably trust them more. A phone call provides that authenticity to someone, especially when they need it most.




Have you ever read a text and became shocked at the harshness of the tone? It may not be the text’s fault, and the user might not be upset, but the tone of a text can unfortunately only be at two extremes – high or low. It’s hard to communicate clearly through an email or text message because there is no emotion or animation attached like there is in a human-to-human conversation. A phone call remedies the confusion and establishes a clear bridge between thoughts.

Visual vs. Audial


There’s a difference between hearing and perceiving information through a screen, and doing the same while speaking to another person. Turns out, it’s tougher for our brains to cognitively perceive information through a screen or reading, versus speaking to another person. It’s tough to use all of our senses to communicate when they are being stifled by the lack of an actual person!


So, pick up that phone! Making a phone call is a big step in making yourself a better communicator, and don’t make the mistake of coming across as unclear through email or text when you could be talking on the phone!


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Think You Communicate Well? Tips for Solid, Clear and Efficient Communication

Communication is an aspect of human nature that we often take for granted. Are we really projecting a point perfectly? Are we making ourselves clear in a way that is respectful, easy to understand, and efficient? It may surprise you to know that a lot of people may think that they communicate well – but they don’t.


Check out these communication tips for being an awesome communicator, and make sure that you utilize them in your daily modes of communicating information with colleagues, friends, and family.


Listen to Communicate


Believe it or not, listening is the first step in determining how well you communicate. Do you really listen when someone is speaking to you? Or do you find yourself zoning out, not concentrating, and having trouble remembering what they have said later? It might be a cause for you to up your listening skills first. When talking to someone, look into their eyes, and turn on your ears. Listening deeply will let you communicate with that person more easily, and with more attention to detail as well. Pro tip: favor your right ear when listening, because it allows you to tune into your emotions and detect emotions more easily.


Notice the Nonverbal


If you only look at someone’s face and eyes when they are speaking, you might be missing out on a whole lot more of what they’re really saying. You also could be giving off a nonverbal action that seems as though you are uninterested, or not taking the speaker seriously, as well as not providing an open body language as a speaker yourself. Notice the nonverbal action of the speaker, and attune your nonverbal body actions to be open, such as uncrossing your arms, changing the tone of your voice to a higher, more engaged pitch, as well as facing the speaker with your whole body, not just your head. All of these will help you to project yourself as a listener and speaker, and a better communicator.


Emotions Under Control


Although it may be hard to do, a good communicator can keep their emotions in check during any conversation. Whether it be anger, sadness, or sarcasm, if you begin to appear in any way that your emotions have been compromised in a discussion, it will immediately change the tone and direction of the discussion. Try to remain cool, calm and collected, through any scenario. If you can complete that, you can appear as an effective communicator that can navigate any kind of sea of emotion. You will also come across clearer, and as a role model for others that seek to communicate effectively.


With these communication tips, you can not only become more in tune with how others are communicating with you, but how you appear as a communicator yourself. In any business, any industry, and any field, being a solid speaker, listener, and communicator is key to valid and effective business.


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Fun and Refreshing Office Break Ideas

If you work an 8-5 job, it’s not easy to always remain focused and refreshed. An eight hour work day, sitting in a chair, and staring at a computer screen can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, from causing stress to health problems such as chronic pain, heart issues, vision impairment, and stress.


Studies have shown that taking frequent office breaks will allow the relief of the likelihood that your persistent problems will continue, or even occur in the first place. These fun and refreshing office break ideas will get you out of your chair, and on the road to health.


Take a break mid-morning.


According to a study, taking breaks later in the day were less effective for overall productivity, and a mid-morning break was the most beneficial time. Mid morning, between 10 and 11 a.m., is a great time to take a break because it’s right before lunch, and right after you’ve accomplished a few things, or opened all those emails.


Take a break that you enjoy.


Instead of heading for that break room with no windows, or that crowded cafeteria, take a walk outside, or give your spouse, friend or family member a phone call. Doing activities you enjoy sparks your endorphin levels, and allows you to spend time enjoying something, instead of counting down the minutes until your break is over. What a great office break idea!


Take shorter, more frequent breaks.


You heard right! Taking shorter, more frequent breaks are actually more beneficial than longer breaks. Longer breaks disrupt your productivity levels because they are longer, and create more of a “done” feeling, instead of a “temporary break” feeling in your mind. The shorter, more frequent, makes this office break idea more productive.


There you have it! These fun office break ideas will help you to have more productive days, while taking the breaks that you need in order to function properly and more health-consciously.


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Come Together: Tips on Building a Great Team

If you’re a manager, you know the value of a great team of colleagues. They are there when you need them, perform well, work together seamlessly, and produce quality work. Developing and building a team takes work, and isn’t always easy. See these great tips to building a great team and keep them great, while continuing to do the work that you love.


Tip #1: Get to Know Your Team


A good manager is also a good team member as well. By knowing your team, you are making them feel appreciated, while also knowing their likes, dislikes, talents, and personality traits. Not only will it make you better able to assign tasks and functions, but will create a better trust through the manager – colleague relationship.


Tip #2: Place Your Team in the Right Positions


As a good manager, you will know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Place your team members in spots where they will shine – and their talents will be noticed and appreciated. Where they can complete work they enjoy and excel at, they will succeed.


Tip #3: Recognize and Reward


An employee that feels like their hard work is recognized will not only be happier- but they will perform better. Being recognized and rewarded for hard work will increase work production, as well as workplace happiness. Make sure to tell them to keep up the good work!


Building a great team isn’t a difficult task. With the right tactics, the right maintenance and practices, you can not only have a good team, but a great one that appreciates your efforts as their manager. See how you can use these tips to build a great team!


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Are You a Good Listener? Take this Quiz, Find Out and Listen Up!

Sometimes we all have those days where we just want to sit down and spill our story to someone. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or spouse, it’s nice to have that person there to listen to your bad days, embarrassing stories, or struggles. But are you there for them?

Listening is a key skill that we need in life. Through work or other outlets, it’s important that you are able to listen, and listen well.

What if you might not be as good of a listener as you thought you were? Think about this – have you ever tried to have a discussion with someone else that was not a good listener? Most likely, you have, and you remember it.

Don’t be that person who doesn’t seem like a good listener, and take this small quiz to see if you are a good listener, and if not, check out the listening tips below to become a better one.


  1. When someone is speaking to you, do you actively look at their eyes and keep eye contact?
  2. If you are listening, can you retain most of what someone is saying to you?
  3. Do you engage in conversation with someone when they ask your advice in a conversation?
  4. Do you feel confident in responding after someone has asked you a detailed question about what they had just been talking about?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to focus on listening more, and becoming a better listener.

Here are some listening tips:

Don’t Interrupt

Immediately after you interject or interrupt someone when they are speaking to you, it becomes extremely difficult to remember the previous information. Most likely, your next few words after are, “Now, where were we?”

Don’t Look for a Problem

Sometimes, people feel that when they are trying to contribute to a conversation, all that they can do is add something negative. Try to flip that way of thinking and look for the positives. More often than not people are venting or trying to talk with you about something negative, and are looking for a positive.

Use Your SOLER Power

The SOLER Method of listening focuses on Squarely facing the speaker, Opening up your posture by uncrossing your arms, Leaning towards the speaker and making Eye contact while being Relaxed. If you ever feel like you aren’t listening well enough, SOLER up!


Now that you know how to be a good listener, all you need to do is listen up! Give your friends, family and co-workers that attention that they need by healthy, quality listening. See what else great listening can do for you!

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4 Life-Changing Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office or Workspace

It’s April, and nothing reminds us more that the seasons are changing and weather is warming than the thought of spring cleaning. Maybe you think of cleaning your car, house, maybe even garage, but what is more neglected than most is often a workspace, desk or office.

We spend so much time working, whether at a home office or at a workplace, we should always be trying to make it more comfortable, and more importantly, keep it clean! In a space where we spend the most time, see how keeping it clean with these 4 life-changing spring cleaning tips will get you ready for spring just in time to enjoy the season.


Take a look at your current space. Do you really need those papers laying around? What about those pens that are sprawled out all over your desk, along with coffee cups and even some spare change? All of these items can be minimized by being organized. Minimize the amount of clutter by moving the small things first, then worrying about the big important folders. The space and organization will come to you. This small spring cleaning tip will start to occur automatically with continued practice!

Organized Piling

We all have those important documents that we need to keep nearby due to frequent use. Perhaps it’s that folder with all of those spreadsheets that you need to reference each day, or your calendar. If you remember these three forms of organized piling, you can keep papers and folders looking neat on your desk, even if they still need some work or are still in use. Remember “To-do,” “To-file”, and “To-read”. By having those documents in one of these, you can keep your papers in order, and with an ongoing task list that you will feel the need to complete.

Don’t Forget the Desktop

Once forgotten space when it comes to spring cleaning is a place where we frequent the most – your computer desktop. Files are often spread out all over the place, yet since you can turn the computer off, they all seem to disappear – until you log on next. Don’t neglect your desktop, and sort for clutter that you can place in your trash can. You can even make folders on your desktop for your files just like your physical desk top. Spring cleaning your computer has never been easier!

Dig Deep in the Drawers

The drawers in your desk can hide many of life’s mysteries – receipts, keys, important documents, photos, old snacks, etc. Drawers can become a lost abyss of space where “extra things go”. Don’t let your drawers become a sinkhole of unnecessary things. If you can’t remember what is in your drawers, most likely, you don’t need it. Use your new spring cleaning expertise and clean them out, and put necessary items in. This way, they won’t become cluttered, because you’ll remember important items are inside.

Has your life changed yet? Make sure you implement all of these awesome spring cleaning tips to your workspace or office, and while you’re at it, take on your whole house!

Don’t forget, your body needs some spring cleaning each year as well with regular checkups and improvements. Begin your body’s spring cleaning by managing pain the right way, and call Palo Brea to consult with a specialist today.


The 3 Best Apps for Organization

When we’re unorganized, we often feel extremely stressed out, too busy to function, and are unproductive as a result. We look to books and self help sections of our favorite magazines and online newspapers, but don’t have the time to even read the articles!


Luckily, a solution is here. We’ve rounded up the 3 best apps for organization, and organized them here, just for you. See what we’ve ruled as the 3 best apps for organization to get your life back on track:




If you’re a Mac user as many people are, then Things is what you need. This awesome, easy-to-use app integrates right with your Mac system, and appears on your Mac products like iphones and ipads as well. It simplifies your tasks, and makes them easy to check off and complete. You’ll wonder how you ever did it with old-school to-do lists!




Do you ever wonder where all of your time went? Or, if you’re on a tight deadline, or running late, wonder where time is going? RescueTime is one of the best apps for organization, and can solve that issue. While running in the background during your activities, it tracks how much time you spend on tasks and provides reports for you, so you can see how much time you spend doing unproductive tasks.




Sometimes when we plan or brainstorm, we have to have something to write it down with, and make sort of a lopsided map on a napkin or piece of paper, just to get all of the good ideas down. Now, there’s Mindnode, the genius app that provides you with that map, and arranges itself. It takes the thinking out of even brainstorming! This is one of the best apps for organization out there.


With these 3 best apps for organization, you’ll be more organized than you ever knew you could be! Take the stress out of being organized, and let it be easy as downloading an app.


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Start Happy: 4 Happiness Tips to Start Your Week Off Right

Do you have a Monday every now and then that isn’t a “case of the Mondays”? Is there a Monday that you’ve had that has actually been a great one? Maybe even, the rest of your week went well since Monday was so awesome! Beginning your week on a happy note can completely shape the week’s outcome.


Check out these four happiness tips to get your week off to a great start!


Start Early


“The early bird gets the worm” is a well-known phrase for a reason. Waking up earlier and starting your day earlier is proven to give you a more productive morning, and rest of the day in general. The earlier you start, the more that you can do!


Scheduling and Planning


Do you have a great event happening during the week? Write it down! Even with those pesky meetings and plans, writing down your exciting plans gives you a happy jolt, just to know something exciting is coming.


You Snooze, You Lose


It may be tempting, but don’t hit that snooze button when your alarm goes off in the morning! Getting up and out of bed right away makes you a happier person, rather than a cranky person who has put off starting their day four or five times. Trust us, it works!


Morning Reflection


When seeking happiness tips, one that seems so simple, yet is frequently forgotten, is to simple sit, and reflect on what you need to accomplish during the week, as well as reflect on what you’ve accomplished last week. Giving yourself this time is like a pat on the back or a warm hug, and while lowering stress levels, also allows for recognition for all that you do for you!


Looking for happiness? These four happiness tips should do just the trick. Try them, and see how much happier you can be!


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