4 Options for Work Outings This Summer

Work Outings

As an office, it’s always a fun opportunity to have a team-building event, or take time from the hustle and bustle of the office to have a little fun. Summer can be a difficult season to coordinate around sometimes due to vacation schedules of coworkers or weather changes.


Here are 4 easy options for work outings this summer that can accommodate to any office:


Who doesn’t love the sizzle of a hot dog or burger being grilled? Summer is practically called grilling season, due to the great weather and chance to gather outdoors. A work outing as a barbeque can be a great place for colleagues to gather and have a great meal, while enjoying the summer season outside.



If it’s just too hot outside, a comfy seat inside a cool, air-conditioned theater will do just the trick. Your team could catch the blockbuster of the summer altogether, and stay cool inside while doing it.


Ice Cream Socials

Everyone loves ice cream. This older tradition is a perfect summer work outing option, providing a cool treat to feign off the heat of the summer. Gathering in a park or backyard and offering up sweet treats such as ice cream, pop-sickles, or ice cream sandwiches is a great work outing idea for those with a sweet tooth.


Painting Classes

Another indoor option when the summer heat is just too much is an indoor painting class. Often held at night with a happy hour, painting classes are a great way for everyone on your team to open up artistically, and everyone receives their painting afterwards as a keepsake.


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