What Your Desk Says About You, Your Style and Your Organization

We all have one. We all have a desk, workspace, table, favorite coffee shop, or laptop. It’s our personal work space, and an area that we claim as our own that allows us to work effectively and freely. But what do others see when the look into your workplace? Do they see someone cluttered and messy, and wonder how you get your tasks done? Or do they see an extraordinarily organized person that even has color-coded folders?


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessarily what you might think if you keep odd knickknacks on your desktop, or have papers sitting everywhere. Everyone has their own “organized chaos”, but what does it all really mean?


See what your desk says about you!


If you have an organized desk…

Although this might be a given, those that have very organized workspaces are very organized themselves, and it is visible in their spaces. These people are often very reliable and timely as well, and task oriented. They enjoy checklists, and their workplace might feature calendars, clocks, and structure in their space.


If you have a messy desk…

You are a creative! Although messy, creative people think with multiple thoughts at one time, therefore “cluttering” their spaces. They may have piles of papers stacked in various areas, but those papers are stacked for a reason! Creatives also think in colors, and have many colored pens, highlighters, and pictures of artwork.


If you have knickknacks and uncommon objects…

You enjoy showcasing your personality and interests. Your collection or small figurines or postcards from various states travelled might seem cluttered to some, but to you they are treasured memories you could talk about forever.


If you have an unusual organization scheme…

You are open to change and new adventures. Those that seem out of the box or out of the ordinary are open and accepting of change. So sure, put that pencil holder on the other side of the desk. You’re up for the change!


Looking back to your own desk space, now you have a full grasp of the type of person you might appear to be, or strive to be with your personal workplace. Whether messy or organized, express yourself to be your most productive self!

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