Summer Daze: How to Get Out of the Productivity Slump This Summer

Let’s face it. It’s summertime, and the last thing that we want to be doing is working. We would rather be lounging out at the pool, escaping the heat by seeing a movie, or almost doing anything but working. There’s something about the summer season that seems to just causes the grind of productivity to halt.

See how you can keep up your productivity this summer while also getting in some time for fun!


Make Plans for Play


The summer might be a never-ending season if you don’t have a light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of wishing you were doing something fun to take a break from work, plan it. By having a fun vacation or getaway planned on the horizon, it’s much easier to be productive with the time you have before it happens. Then you can relax guilt-free!


Keep the Kids Occupied


If you have children, you know that when school is out, you’re picking up an additional shift of supervising them while they are at home. Keep them busy with summer camps and activities, and let them have some fun as well. Daycares and many other organizations often have several types of day camps or sessions that you can enroll your children in. Some of them even have sleep-away camps, or camps that last the entire day. If your kids can have fun all day, you can spend more time at work being productive, rather than worrying about them.


Snap Out Of It


Summer is known in all kinds of industries to be a time of year when things move very slowly, and businesses slow down. Blame it on the heat, the yearning to be outside, or the sensation that it’s time for a vacation, but productivity still needs to occur. Now that you’re aware of it, snap out! You can continue to keep your productivity levels high as soon as you’ve acknowledged that it’s summer, and everything is running slowly. Don’t fall victim to the weather!


For more tips on productivity, see more on our blog. Remember to stay out of the summer daze, plan for your vacations and keep working productively!