4 Life-Changing Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office or Workspace

It’s April, and nothing reminds us more that the seasons are changing and weather is warming than the thought of spring cleaning. Maybe you think of cleaning your car, house, maybe even garage, but what is more neglected than most is often a workspace, desk or office.

We spend so much time working, whether at a home office or at a workplace, we should always be trying to make it more comfortable, and more importantly, keep it clean! In a space where we spend the most time, see how keeping it clean with these 4 life-changing spring cleaning tips will get you ready for spring just in time to enjoy the season.


Take a look at your current space. Do you really need those papers laying around? What about those pens that are sprawled out all over your desk, along with coffee cups and even some spare change? All of these items can be minimized by being organized. Minimize the amount of clutter by moving the small things first, then worrying about the big important folders. The space and organization will come to you. This small spring cleaning tip will start to occur automatically with continued practice!

Organized Piling

We all have those important documents that we need to keep nearby due to frequent use. Perhaps it’s that folder with all of those spreadsheets that you need to reference each day, or your calendar. If you remember these three forms of organized piling, you can keep papers and folders looking neat on your desk, even if they still need some work or are still in use. Remember “To-do,” “To-file”, and “To-read”. By having those documents in one of these, you can keep your papers in order, and with an ongoing task list that you will feel the need to complete.

Don’t Forget the Desktop

Once forgotten space when it comes to spring cleaning is a place where we frequent the most – your computer desktop. Files are often spread out all over the place, yet since you can turn the computer off, they all seem to disappear – until you log on next. Don’t neglect your desktop, and sort for clutter that you can place in your trash can. You can even make folders on your desktop for your files just like your physical desk top. Spring cleaning your computer has never been easier!

Dig Deep in the Drawers

The drawers in your desk can hide many of life’s mysteries – receipts, keys, important documents, photos, old snacks, etc. Drawers can become a lost abyss of space where “extra things go”. Don’t let your drawers become a sinkhole of unnecessary things. If you can’t remember what is in your drawers, most likely, you don’t need it. Use your new spring cleaning expertise and clean them out, and put necessary items in. This way, they won’t become cluttered, because you’ll remember important items are inside.

Has your life changed yet? Make sure you implement all of these awesome spring cleaning tips to your workspace or office, and while you’re at it, take on your whole house!

Don’t forget, your body needs some spring cleaning each year as well with regular checkups and improvements. Begin your body’s spring cleaning by managing pain the right way, and call Palo Brea to consult with a specialist today.