Pick Up the Phone: The Importance of a Phone Call vs. Email in 2016

In our busy, busy world, the time it takes to have a conversation over the phone might seem strenuous, even time-consuming. The way that the world has developed into a quick-fix society has the traditional ways of communicating turned upside-down.


Now, instead of a phone call, we rely on email and texting to send messages, believing that they will have the same effect. The truth? They won’t.


Here’s why then it comes to communication, the good, old-fashioned telephone is your best bet when it comes to being clear and providing effective communication.




If you were searching to make a big purchase or investment in, say, your car, would you feel comfortable texting as a consultation? Probably not. Most likely, you would rather speak to someone over the phone, because you will probably trust them more. A phone call provides that authenticity to someone, especially when they need it most.




Have you ever read a text and became shocked at the harshness of the tone? It may not be the text’s fault, and the user might not be upset, but the tone of a text can unfortunately only be at two extremes – high or low. It’s hard to communicate clearly through an email or text message because there is no emotion or animation attached like there is in a human-to-human conversation. A phone call remedies the confusion and establishes a clear bridge between thoughts.

Visual vs. Audial


There’s a difference between hearing and perceiving information through a screen, and doing the same while speaking to another person. Turns out, it’s tougher for our brains to cognitively perceive information through a screen or reading, versus speaking to another person. It’s tough to use all of our senses to communicate when they are being stifled by the lack of an actual person!


So, pick up that phone! Making a phone call is a big step in making yourself a better communicator, and don’t make the mistake of coming across as unclear through email or text when you could be talking on the phone!


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