Are You a Good Listener? Take this Quiz, Find Out and Listen Up!

Sometimes we all have those days where we just want to sit down and spill our story to someone. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or spouse, it’s nice to have that person there to listen to your bad days, embarrassing stories, or struggles. But are you there for them?

Listening is a key skill that we need in life. Through work or other outlets, it’s important that you are able to listen, and listen well.

What if you might not be as good of a listener as you thought you were? Think about this – have you ever tried to have a discussion with someone else that was not a good listener? Most likely, you have, and you remember it.

Don’t be that person who doesn’t seem like a good listener, and take this small quiz to see if you are a good listener, and if not, check out the listening tips below to become a better one.


  1. When someone is speaking to you, do you actively look at their eyes and keep eye contact?
  2. If you are listening, can you retain most of what someone is saying to you?
  3. Do you engage in conversation with someone when they ask your advice in a conversation?
  4. Do you feel confident in responding after someone has asked you a detailed question about what they had just been talking about?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to focus on listening more, and becoming a better listener.

Here are some listening tips:

Don’t Interrupt

Immediately after you interject or interrupt someone when they are speaking to you, it becomes extremely difficult to remember the previous information. Most likely, your next few words after are, “Now, where were we?”

Don’t Look for a Problem

Sometimes, people feel that when they are trying to contribute to a conversation, all that they can do is add something negative. Try to flip that way of thinking and look for the positives. More often than not people are venting or trying to talk with you about something negative, and are looking for a positive.

Use Your SOLER Power

The SOLER Method of listening focuses on Squarely facing the speaker, Opening up your posture by uncrossing your arms, Leaning towards the speaker and making Eye contact while being Relaxed. If you ever feel like you aren’t listening well enough, SOLER up!


Now that you know how to be a good listener, all you need to do is listen up! Give your friends, family and co-workers that attention that they need by healthy, quality listening. See what else great listening can do for you!

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