Fun and Refreshing Office Break Ideas

If you work an 8-5 job, it’s not easy to always remain focused and refreshed. An eight hour work day, sitting in a chair, and staring at a computer screen can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, from causing stress to health problems such as chronic pain, heart issues, vision impairment, and stress.


Studies have shown that taking frequent office breaks will allow the relief of the likelihood that your persistent problems will continue, or even occur in the first place. These fun and refreshing office break ideas will get you out of your chair, and on the road to health.


Take a break mid-morning.


According to a study, taking breaks later in the day were less effective for overall productivity, and a mid-morning break was the most beneficial time. Mid morning, between 10 and 11 a.m., is a great time to take a break because it’s right before lunch, and right after you’ve accomplished a few things, or opened all those emails.


Take a break that you enjoy.


Instead of heading for that break room with no windows, or that crowded cafeteria, take a walk outside, or give your spouse, friend or family member a phone call. Doing activities you enjoy sparks your endorphin levels, and allows you to spend time enjoying something, instead of counting down the minutes until your break is over. What a great office break idea!


Take shorter, more frequent breaks.


You heard right! Taking shorter, more frequent breaks are actually more beneficial than longer breaks. Longer breaks disrupt your productivity levels because they are longer, and create more of a “done” feeling, instead of a “temporary break” feeling in your mind. The shorter, more frequent, makes this office break idea more productive.


There you have it! These fun office break ideas will help you to have more productive days, while taking the breaks that you need in order to function properly and more health-consciously.


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