Digital Organization: Why Consolidating Your Documents Electronically is a Great Thing to Do

Take a look at your workplace. Whether it’s at your home office, or your work desk, there’s a likely chance that you have many documents and papers lying around. Now ask yourself this question: would it be easier to have them all in one place? Organized alphabetically? Or perhaps, cleaned out entirely?

Paper organization is more difficult than one would think. If you’ve ever found that you work well at a hotel, or at a coffee shop, it might be based on your atmosphere. Some people find it easier to work away from home or their desk at work because of simply the overcrowding of unnecessary papers. If you take a look at the papers in your office or desk, do you really need all of them? The answer is no.

Digital Organization

Yes, there are some that might be essential to keep in paper form, but most can be cleaned and consolidated digitally. Digital organization allows you to keep a clean, neat workplace, which allows you to be more productive. See these easy benefits of becoming paper-friendly and more productive by incorporating digital organization into your life:

Eliminate Unnecessary Papers

By starting digital organization, you can rid yourself of stacks of paper that simply don’t need to be in existence. Eliminate old papers by organizing your existing papers into two categories: hard copy and toss. Hard copy papers that you should keep forever in folders include:
• Estate planning documents
• Financial documents
• Personal information
• Medical information
• Utility information
• Legal documents

Beginning Document Organization

The following are great ways to organize documents digitally to conserve space and save some trees:
• Hard drives – a hard drive is a great place to save space and paper, by placing your files on it electronically. Most are affordable and sold at locations like Best Buy.
• Online applications like Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, and Google Drive allow you to share and keep documents electronically in an easy to find place.

These tactics can keep you paper-free, and digitally organized! Digital organization allows a clutter-free workplace, desk, space, and home office for the eco-friendly productive person.

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