Think You Communicate Well? Tips for Solid, Clear and Efficient Communication

Communication is an aspect of human nature that we often take for granted. Are we really projecting a point perfectly? Are we making ourselves clear in a way that is respectful, easy to understand, and efficient? It may surprise you to know that a lot of people may think that they communicate well – but they don’t.


Check out these communication tips for being an awesome communicator, and make sure that you utilize them in your daily modes of communicating information with colleagues, friends, and family.


Listen to Communicate


Believe it or not, listening is the first step in determining how well you communicate. Do you really listen when someone is speaking to you? Or do you find yourself zoning out, not concentrating, and having trouble remembering what they have said later? It might be a cause for you to up your listening skills first. When talking to someone, look into their eyes, and turn on your ears. Listening deeply will let you communicate with that person more easily, and with more attention to detail as well. Pro tip: favor your right ear when listening, because it allows you to tune into your emotions and detect emotions more easily.


Notice the Nonverbal


If you only look at someone’s face and eyes when they are speaking, you might be missing out on a whole lot more of what they’re really saying. You also could be giving off a nonverbal action that seems as though you are uninterested, or not taking the speaker seriously, as well as not providing an open body language as a speaker yourself. Notice the nonverbal action of the speaker, and attune your nonverbal body actions to be open, such as uncrossing your arms, changing the tone of your voice to a higher, more engaged pitch, as well as facing the speaker with your whole body, not just your head. All of these will help you to project yourself as a listener and speaker, and a better communicator.


Emotions Under Control


Although it may be hard to do, a good communicator can keep their emotions in check during any conversation. Whether it be anger, sadness, or sarcasm, if you begin to appear in any way that your emotions have been compromised in a discussion, it will immediately change the tone and direction of the discussion. Try to remain cool, calm and collected, through any scenario. If you can complete that, you can appear as an effective communicator that can navigate any kind of sea of emotion. You will also come across clearer, and as a role model for others that seek to communicate effectively.


With these communication tips, you can not only become more in tune with how others are communicating with you, but how you appear as a communicator yourself. In any business, any industry, and any field, being a solid speaker, listener, and communicator is key to valid and effective business.


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