Come Together: Tips on Building a Great Team

If you’re a manager, you know the value of a great team of colleagues. They are there when you need them, perform well, work together seamlessly, and produce quality work. Developing and building a team takes work, and isn’t always easy. See these great tips to building a great team and keep them great, while continuing to do the work that you love.


Tip #1: Get to Know Your Team


A good manager is also a good team member as well. By knowing your team, you are making them feel appreciated, while also knowing their likes, dislikes, talents, and personality traits. Not only will it make you better able to assign tasks and functions, but will create a better trust through the manager – colleague relationship.


Tip #2: Place Your Team in the Right Positions


As a good manager, you will know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Place your team members in spots where they will shine – and their talents will be noticed and appreciated. Where they can complete work they enjoy and excel at, they will succeed.


Tip #3: Recognize and Reward


An employee that feels like their hard work is recognized will not only be happier- but they will perform better. Being recognized and rewarded for hard work will increase work production, as well as workplace happiness. Make sure to tell them to keep up the good work!


Building a great team isn’t a difficult task. With the right tactics, the right maintenance and practices, you can not only have a good team, but a great one that appreciates your efforts as their manager. See how you can use these tips to build a great team!


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