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Come Together: Tips on Building a Great Team

If you’re a manager, you know the value of a great team of colleagues. They are there when you need them, perform well, work together seamlessly, and produce quality work. Developing and building a team takes work, and isn’t always easy. See these great tips to building a great team and keep them great, while continuing to do the work that you love.


Tip #1: Get to Know Your Team


A good manager is also a good team member as well. By knowing your team, you are making them feel appreciated, while also knowing their likes, dislikes, talents, and personality traits. Not only will it make you better able to assign tasks and functions, but will create a better trust through the manager – colleague relationship.


Tip #2: Place Your Team in the Right Positions


As a good manager, you will know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Place your team members in spots where they will shine – and their talents will be noticed and appreciated. Where they can complete work they enjoy and excel at, they will succeed.


Tip #3: Recognize and Reward


An employee that feels like their hard work is recognized will not only be happier- but they will perform better. Being recognized and rewarded for hard work will increase work production, as well as workplace happiness. Make sure to tell them to keep up the good work!


Building a great team isn’t a difficult task. With the right tactics, the right maintenance and practices, you can not only have a good team, but a great one that appreciates your efforts as their manager. See how you can use these tips to build a great team!


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The 3 Best Apps for Organization

When we’re unorganized, we often feel extremely stressed out, too busy to function, and are unproductive as a result. We look to books and self help sections of our favorite magazines and online newspapers, but don’t have the time to even read the articles!


Luckily, a solution is here. We’ve rounded up the 3 best apps for organization, and organized them here, just for you. See what we’ve ruled as the 3 best apps for organization to get your life back on track:




If you’re a Mac user as many people are, then Things is what you need. This awesome, easy-to-use app integrates right with your Mac system, and appears on your Mac products like iphones and ipads as well. It simplifies your tasks, and makes them easy to check off and complete. You’ll wonder how you ever did it with old-school to-do lists!




Do you ever wonder where all of your time went? Or, if you’re on a tight deadline, or running late, wonder where time is going? RescueTime is one of the best apps for organization, and can solve that issue. While running in the background during your activities, it tracks how much time you spend on tasks and provides reports for you, so you can see how much time you spend doing unproductive tasks.




Sometimes when we plan or brainstorm, we have to have something to write it down with, and make sort of a lopsided map on a napkin or piece of paper, just to get all of the good ideas down. Now, there’s Mindnode, the genius app that provides you with that map, and arranges itself. It takes the thinking out of even brainstorming! This is one of the best apps for organization out there.


With these 3 best apps for organization, you’ll be more organized than you ever knew you could be! Take the stress out of being organized, and let it be easy as downloading an app.


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Start Happy: 4 Happiness Tips to Start Your Week Off Right

Do you have a Monday every now and then that isn’t a “case of the Mondays”? Is there a Monday that you’ve had that has actually been a great one? Maybe even, the rest of your week went well since Monday was so awesome! Beginning your week on a happy note can completely shape the week’s outcome.


Check out these four happiness tips to get your week off to a great start!


Start Early


“The early bird gets the worm” is a well-known phrase for a reason. Waking up earlier and starting your day earlier is proven to give you a more productive morning, and rest of the day in general. The earlier you start, the more that you can do!


Scheduling and Planning


Do you have a great event happening during the week? Write it down! Even with those pesky meetings and plans, writing down your exciting plans gives you a happy jolt, just to know something exciting is coming.


You Snooze, You Lose


It may be tempting, but don’t hit that snooze button when your alarm goes off in the morning! Getting up and out of bed right away makes you a happier person, rather than a cranky person who has put off starting their day four or five times. Trust us, it works!


Morning Reflection


When seeking happiness tips, one that seems so simple, yet is frequently forgotten, is to simple sit, and reflect on what you need to accomplish during the week, as well as reflect on what you’ve accomplished last week. Giving yourself this time is like a pat on the back or a warm hug, and while lowering stress levels, also allows for recognition for all that you do for you!


Looking for happiness? These four happiness tips should do just the trick. Try them, and see how much happier you can be!


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Injury At Work: What You Should Do When You’ve Been Injured on the Job

Any kind of workplace injury is a serious condition. While working, it might never be something that we expect to happen, but sometimes it does. There are several kinds of workplace-related injuries, and those include injuries that occur not just from an accident, but also from the stress and strain of the everyday workplace environment on our bodies.

Some common examples of injuries at work include:

  • Eye issues: extended screen use can cause blurred and strained vision, as well as headaches, neck pain, eye pain, etc.
  • Wrist and arm issues: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a very common condition that can be caused by extended use of the wrists and fingers, such as using a mouse or keyboard. Arm pain can be caused by inflammation that arises in areas of direct and excessive stress.
  • Low back and leg pain: From the compression of sitting for long periods of time, leg pain can arise, and bring with it posture problems, and upper and lower back pain. Nerves can be affected in the legs and cause numbness, and tingling.

With all of these occurrences just from the average desk job, the idea of having an injury after a workplace accident where there could possibly be chemicals, heavy items, and more is very alarming. If an incident occurs at work, and you receive an injury at work of any kind, it’s helpful to follow the steps below to ensure that you receive the right treatment for your issues, and are placed in the best care for recovery.

  1. Bring your company’s attention to the issue. The sooner that your company knows, the sooner that they can help you.
  2. Get checked out by a medical professional. Early detection in almost any medical situation is the best bet for recovery.
  3. Look into ergonomic options within your company. Many companies are equipped to create an ergonomically-friendly workplace setting, and can do so to improve yours.
  4. Have your medical professional write you a detailed report to provide to your employer as quickly as can be done. This way, your company can take the right steps towards achieving your compensation.

By following these steps, whether your injury is industrial, occupational, or work related, you can ensure that you are taking the right steps for a smooth recovery and quick fix for your injury at work.

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